Best of Show Michael Patrick Smith _Bamboo Garden

Best Of Show – Michael Patrick Smith Bamboo Garden

Turning Honrable Mention_John Mydock_Hapu Fern garden

Honorable mention John Mydock Hapu Fern Garden

Sculpture honorable mention_ Cliff Johns_ Ohana

Honorable Mention Cliff Johns Ohana

Turning first place_Gregg Smith_ Mosaic Vessel

Woodturning 1st place Gregg Smith Mosaic vessel

Sculpture 1st place_ David Young_ Pahu

Sculpture 1st Place David Young Pahu

open honorable mention_ Marcus Castaing_Craftsman sofa

Honorable mention Marcus Castaing Craftsman Sofa

Open 1st place_ Tim Tiffany Shafto_ Nature's Palette

Open 1st Place Timothy Tiffany Shafto Nature’s Palette

Joinery first place Josh Johansen_ Demi Lune Side Board

Joinery 1st place Joshua Johansen Demi Lune Side Board

Joinery Honorable mention David Reisland_Jewelry Tower

Honorable mention David Reisland Jewelry tower